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The New Valorant Trigger Sensation.

Triglock is an out of the box solution for anyone who wants an advantage over other players ingame, but doesn't want to risk getting banned.

Minimal frame drop

Triglock has been developed in a way to ensure the least FPS drop as possible. Using it with maximum FPS will provide a better accuracy.


After months of testing our software, we made sure it doesn't interract in any way with memory, it is 100% undetected.


Limited slots are sold so as to keep our bot as private as possible. Doing so it will remain 100% undetected and benefits our users.

Top accuracy

Everytime your crosshair will go through an ennemy, it will trigger a mechanism and perfectly shoots for you.

Triglock, is the safest Valorant cheating solution.

Here is a compilation of clips that were made during few games using Triglock. See it by yourself, the software provides an awesome accuracy through pixel detections.


Choose your pricing plan.

We are currently providing two differents plans

Blog 1


  • Lifetime Updates
  • Undetected Triglock Triggerbot
  • 24/7 support

Blog 2


  • Lifetime Usage
  • Undetected Triglock Triggerbot
  • 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most common questions.

Is it easy to setup ?

Obviously, we made it the easiest way possible for our users to use it. You will just have to execute Triglock and you are free to play.

Is this undetected ?

Yes it is, and it will remain undetected as far as it is pixel based. Absolutely no risk of getting banned.

What are the payment methods you accept ?

The available payment methods are listed on the shoppy autobuy system. We mainly accept BTC, ETH and Stripe.

How often do you release updates?

We are constantly working on updates so as to provide you, as much options as possible.

Is there an aimbot ?

No, there is no aimbot, it would be easily detected by Vanguard, our software makes the user safe and legit.

How can I purchase it ?

You can contact us and purchase through our autobuy system at : .

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